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Colonis Pharma complements UK go-to-market strategies for niche pharmaceuticals through bespoke sales, marketing and distribution support with an ethos of delivering value in healthcare in therapeutic areas with often unmet clinical needs.

We also offer licensing opportunities in Europe and beyond for our pipeline of products that have, or are in the process of obtaining, Marketing Authorisations. Via distributor relationships, we enable partners to market these products in their own jurisdictions. As part of the Quantum Pharma Group, we can also drive efficiencies in contract development by integrating the services of our sister company Lamda Laboratories

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Disclosure of Certain Transfers of Value from Colonis Pharma Limited to Health Professionals and Healthcare Organisations in 2015


Colonis Pharma Limited (part of the Quantum Group) has agreed to comply with the ABPI Code of Practice and accept the jurisdiction of the PMCPA.

The Colonis Pharma products available to the UK market during 2015 were predominantly medical devices and one licensed pharmaceutical product. During 2015 there were no transfers of value in relation to the pharmaceutical product that was on the market. Colonis have determined that it is best practice to apply the principles of 'disclosure of transfers of value' to their activities in respect of medical devices. Disclosure for medical devices has been made at an aggregate level.

During 2015 Colonis Pharma made transfers of value in respect of their medical devices in the following areas:

  • Sponsorship for meeting attendance (to cover registration fees, travel and accommodation)
  • Grants
  • Benefits in kind

These have been disclosed at an aggregate level in the template produced by the ABPI which is located on the Colonis website. This information will remain in the public domain for 3 years, and be retained by Colonis for 5 years after the calendar year to which it relates.

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